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Edumarine and Services Limited is fully committed to the provision of a safe and healthy environment for its divers and the public in line with the markets environmental regulations. We consider that no operation or task is so critical that it cannot be carried out safely.

We will at all times try to comply with all relevant health and safety legislative and contactual obligations. Our divers’ adherence to safety procedures and a safe working condition at all times is a priority. To support this, our staff attends specialized training sessions regularly to ensure the best practices in occupational health and safety.

All our equipment are fully insured, certified and serviced regularly to ensure they constantly operate at full capacity. We also maintain an active injury and illness prevention program that includes safety rules, an emergency action program 'right to know' the correct use of hazardous materials.


1. It is against company policy for any employee to use non-prescribed drugs or engage in illegal use of drugs or alcohol at the work place/environment.
2. It is an offence for an employee to report to duty under influence of drugs or alcohol.
3. Voilation of company policy on drugs attracts disciplinary action.
4. The Ultimate goal of the company policy is to balance our respect for individual with need to provide and maintain a safe, productive, enjoyable and drug free environment.



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